Recognized for its exceptional know-how since 1934, Studio Harcourt cultivates the codes that have made its reputation: mastery of cinematic light and chiaroscuro, use of Black & White, a nod to the cinema of the 1920s, and custom photographic retouching. Studio Harcourt has been offering its legendary portraits in its gallery since its installation in May 2016 in a private mansion in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. In 2022, Studio Harcourt decided to confront its style with that of young photographers and Agnès Grégoire, editorial director of PHOTO magazine, was entrusted with the artistic direction of temporary exhibitions at the Harcourt gallery. FIFOU inaugurates its program, which will bring together the timeless glamour of Harcourt’s style with the vibrant colors of today’s artists.

24.05.22 →31.08.22