Festival Petits et Grands – 3rd edition

Nantes ·

01.04.15 → 05.04.15

Windows to the world
In 2011 was born in Nantes “Petits et Grands”, a festival of shows for young audiences. Who could have imagined that it would be one of the first of its kind in France and Europe?
The festival grew up alongside children and their parents, but also the many artists, professionals of childhood and culture, teachers, animators, social workers who accompany us and help give it its current face. Its success comes from the strong and enthusiastic participation of its audiences, sharing the pleasure of going to the show with their families and testifying to its necessity and vitality.
“Petits et Grands” is a great sensitive and artistic adventure. The Rendez-vous Nantais continues to offer great access to strong shows, chosen with rigour and generosity. It reveals the exciting repertoire of creations for young audiences – from 6 months old – and allows spectators to live an experience from a very young age.
Live “your” emotions, discover, understand, open windows on the world… The festival allows you to be confronted with spaces of freedom, with universes of artists in touch with childhood, with creations that appeal to imagination, intelligence, curiosity and sharing. It brings all the performing arts into dialogue: theater, music, dance, storytelling, puppetry…
We want to defend the idea that performance and art are essential in a child’s life.
We thank you for your trust and your curiosity. We will be happy, with all the festival team, to live this new edition with you.

Nicolas Marc and Cyrille Planson
Directors of the Petits et Grands Festival


Festival Petits et Grands


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