Festival Petits et Grands – 2nd edition

Nantes ·

10.04.13 → 14.04.13

The show in a child’s life
We have dreamed this second edition of the Petits et Grands festival as a great sensitive and artistic adventure. Both collective and intimate, it offers children the wonderful opportunity to discover strong and singular shows. In Nantes, we have invited artists from different horizons. They deploy their inventive universes, tell stories, open windows, talk about life.
Abundant, demanding and generous, the program gives pride of place to creations and contemporary forms, or revisits the fertile (and still too little-known!) repertoire of shows for young audiences, from 6 months and up. Everyone – child and parent – is invited to draw their own path as a spectator among a wide variety of proposals, in all genres. What they have in common is that they appeal to the imagination, curiosity and intelligence. From an early age, they help to become oneself and to take a critical look at the world.
This new edition promises to be rich in discoveries and emotions. To offer the youngest children the pleasure of going to the show, to be confronted, in their childhood, with this experience as strong as it is exciting, to allow them to live intense moments with their families are the “vitaminized” bets that we want to share with you.

Nicolas Marc and Cyrille Planson
Directors of the Petits et Grands Festival


Festival Petits et Grands


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