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07.10.22 → 03.12.22

The works in the Fantasmagories exhibition are linked by an invisible thread: an artistic vision of the designer’s profession.
Certainly the function is present: they are mirrors, lights, pedestal tables, consoles, wall lights, seats. But the purpose goes beyond that.
Mattia Bonetti, Eric Schmitt and Eric Jourdan have, each with his own sensitivity, expressed the unconscious that irrigates them.
Baroque, primitive, or disturbing, their interior universes bring, in a tormented time, a supplement of soul and poetry.
The desire for a return to the sources is palpable, close to a certain nostalgia, as if it were a question of expressing the quintessence of the “barbarian style”.
Four decades after its flamboyant birth, the “barbarian style” has become timeless, as evidenced by the pieces currently on display at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.
The best thing that can happen to the avant-garde is to become a classic.

Agnès Kentish



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