Europa: 1989-2001

Enrico Dagnino

Paris ·

25.10.08 → 29.11.08

Photojournalist for 20 years, Enrico Dagnino offers, through this exhibition, a personal selection of his archives which compose, like so many flashes, his perception of the European events covered during the first ten years of his career.
Presented chronologically, the exhibition begins in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall and ends with the demonstrations during the G8 in Genoa in 2001.
In the meantime, history is being made. Dagnino’s photos challenge us and plunge us into the heart of the main European conflicts: Berlin, Prague, London, Bucharest, Vukovar, Moscow, Mostar, Sarajevo, Manjaca?
During these ten years, Dagnino regularly travels throughout the former Yugoslavia. He gives it an important place in his exhibition.

Photo credits

© Enrico Dagnino


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