En quête du Graal

Montolieu ·

31.03.18 → 04.11.18

This 4th exhibition will present works by more than 80 artists from the Cérès Franco collection around a spectacular installation by Jean-Marie Martin (1922-2012), one of the most surprising artists of this collection.
In the luminous and magical setting of the Verdon river, this native of Brittany will create in the last part of his life his major works The Quest for the Holy Grail and The Death of King Arthur. The installation presented, The Quest for the Holy Grail, is a mystical work, composed of 32 pieces, written with rudimentary materials, wood and plexiglass, and damasked with mil- lions of upholsterer’s nails. It recomposes a theater with all the elements of the legend of King Arthur, including of course the Holy Grail.
The great diversity of artistic expression of the other works presented in the exhibition In Search of the Grail will illustrate the strength of this quest and will trace a path to make each visitor a potential Ulysses, facing a path that will lead him to the Grail, passing from dream to dream, from game to desire and finally from journey to trial.


Photo credits

© Sabhan Adam
© Goncalves Danubio
© Jaber
© Lam Laurin
In Front: Jean-Marie Martin


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