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11.12.10 → 30.01.11

“We know when it starts, we don’t know where it ends,” warns José-Manuel Gonçalvès.
Attraction! is for the new director of the CENTQUATRE a “declaration of attention”. It is a unifying signal addressed to the resident artists – who will henceforth present their works – and to the public, offering them a range of artistic proposals so that a desire to meet with all aesthetics may arise. After having for many years organized original events such as “Temps d’images” or “Weekends at the farm” at the Ferme du buisson, José-Manuel Gonçalvès intends to continue his artistic and cultural intuitions at the CENTQUATRE and through encounters.
Attraction! is another form of programming, flexible and inventive. It promises to be a movement, a shift, an impulse to the rhythms of the projects with the same determination to show contemporary works to audiences.
Attraction? Because the CENTQUATRE wants to be the place that attracts all audiences, and welcomes all arts in residence and then in dissemination. Like the Carré Sénart Roundabout by François Delarozière (craftsman of the Royal de Luxe machines) installed in the Aubervilliers hall, which will attract young and old alike for a strange journey.

Photo credits

Photo en Une : Arthur H © Richard Dumas

Cabaret Burlesque, Mimi

Pascale Marthine Tayou / Galleria Continua

Johan Lorbeer

Nicolas Bouchaud © Brigitte Enguerand


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