Art Paris Art Fair 2014

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27.03.14 → 30.03.14

A 2014 edition that looks to Asia
From March 27 to 30, 2014, ART PARIS ART FAIR will bring together some 140 international galleries from 18 countries under the nave of the Grand Palais, presenting a panorama of modern and contemporary art that also includes photography, design and art publishing.
The 2014 selection affirms the new identity of ART PARIS ART FAIR initiated three years ago: that of being a European fair that explores Eastern territories (Central Europe, Middle East, Asia). In addition to the Russian galleries, which will be honored in 2013, the Chinese galleries will be the guests of honor of the 2014 edition, taking in their wake other Asian brands such as Hua Gallery (London), Adler Subhashok Gallery (Bangkok), or 313 Ar t Project (Seoul).

Although opening up more internationally (50% foreign participation in 2014 against 43% in 2013), ART PARIS ART FAIR claims support for European and French creation, which is the basic foundation of the fair. On the European side, we note the arrival of Feizi (Brussels), Disheim & Maffei Fine Art (Neuchâtel), Alessandro Bagnai (Florence) and the return of Mario Mauroner (Vienna). On the French side, the galleries Camera Obscura, Bertrand Grimont, are making their return, while the galleries Françoise Besson (Lyon), In Camera (Paris), Françoise Livinec (Paris) and for the design part Jousse Entreprise (Paris), Armel Soyer (Paris) and Galerie NeC nilsson et chiglien (Paris) make their first entrance.

50 years of France-China relations: China as guest of honor
China is the guest of honor of the 2014 edition, which is part of the commemoration of 50 years of France-China relations (
ART PARIS ART FAIR highlights the richness and dynamism of the modern and contemporary Chinese scene with nearly 90 artists, of different generations, represented by ten galleries from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong (Xin Dong Cheng, Ifa gallery, 10 Chancery Lane, Blindspot…) as well as by twenty Western brands such as A2Z Art Gallery, Paris-Beijing, Loft, Daniel Templon…
This honor also highlights the constant presence of Chinese artists in Paris, from Zao Wou Ki (Galerie Bogéna) and Chu Teh Chun (Galerie Patrice Trigano), close to lyrical abstraction, to Wang Keping (Galerie Zürcher), founder of the famous “group of stars”, or Gao Xingjian, Nobel Prize winner in literature and painter, to whom the Claude Bernard Gallery dedicates its stand.


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