23th Bayeux-Calvados Award for War Correspondents

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03.10.16 → 09.10.16

For 23 years now, the Bayeux-Calvados War Correspondents’ Prize has been aimed at giving a voice to those who help us better understand the world: the great reporters. It is a great satisfaction to see that this initiative has been able to meet a growing and increasingly enlightened public. Today, in a complex and tense national and international context, this week of reflection, hindsight and analysis is more useful than ever.
Major crises are affecting the planet and the Bayeux-Calvados War Correspondents’ Award once again this year casts a harsh light on the upheavals of our time. Far from seeking to shock, the images presented in the exhibitions give us something to see but also to think about: the consequences of the Syrian conflict, the refugee crisis, population movements, criminality which, particularly in Mexico, takes on the aspects of armed conflict… A brand new sound exhibition, produced in partnership with France Inter, also pays tribute to radio reporters in theaters of war. The evening Bayeux-Calvados Prize Meetings will also highlight forgotten conflicts and give time for reflection in the midst of current events too often subject to the dictatorship of the instantaneous. So many meetings where professionals, who are always so numerous, and a faithful public will be able to exchange, share and enrich each other.

JURY PRESIDENT: Jean-Claude Guillebaud

Unpublished sound exhibition with France Inter – Exhibition
The wandering of refugees across Europe – AFP – Exhibition
Nota Roja – Bernandino Hernandez – Exhibition
The Boat-People of the Great Blue Sea – Édouard Élias – Exhibition
Gilles Caron: Pictures of War – Exhibition
Gaza, The Aftermath – Virginie Nguyen Hoang – Exhibition
Heaven will wait – Screening
As soon as I open my eyes – Screening
The Siege – Screening & Talk
Jim: James Foley’s Story – Screening & Talk
Grands Reporters Evening – In Africa, around the Great Lakes, a war that does not bear his name
Evening Ceremony Award
Book Fair
Reporters Memorial – 2015-2016 Stele
About the « Nota Roja » Exhibition – Round Table
Turkey: How far will the media purge go? – Round Table
The quagmire – Documentary Screening
Boko Haram, the origins of Evil – Documentary Screening
Rwanda: bad memory – Documentary Screening
Badgad, chronicle of a walled city – Documentary Screening
Watani: My Homeland – Documentary Screening
The Choice of Oleg – Documentary Screening
Masterclass Nikon – Fonds Patrick Chauvel
Student Actions

Photo Trophy – Awarded by Nikon:: Yannis Behrakis / ReutersGreece
Print Trophy – Awarded by the Department of Calvados: Wolfgang Bauer / Die Zeit – Nigeria
Radio Trophy – Awarded by the D-Day Landing Committee: Jeremy Bowen / BBC NewsYemen
Television Trophy – Awarded by Amensty International: Arnaud Comte & Stéphane Guillemot / France2Iraq
Grand Format Television Trophy – Awarded by Scam: Ayman Oghanna & Warzer Jaff / Vice – Iraq
Young Reporter Trophy (Print) – Awarded by Capa Presse TV: Mohammed Badra / EPA – Syria
Web Journalism Trophy – Awarded by Nikon: Guillaume Herbaut & Paul Ouazan pour Arte – Ukraine
Video Image Trophy (Television and Grand Format Television – Sponsored by Galaxie – Arte – France24 : Roméo Langlois / France24Syria
Regional Prize for Students and Trainees of Normandy (Television): Virgnie Nguyen Hoang & Dastane Altaïr / Pac Presse pour France 4Ukraine
Ouest-France Award – Jean Marin (Print) : Célia Mercier / Revue XXI – Iraq
Public’s Choice Award (Photo) – Sponsored by the French Development Agency (AFD): Yannis Behrakis / ReutersGreece

Photo credits

© Valery Hache / AFP
© Bernandino Hernandez
© Aris Messinis / AFP
© Édouard Élias
Photo in Front: © Heidi Levine


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