18th Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

02.09.06 → 17.09.06

The news goes on… even during the World Cup
Football may be important, and very important for plenty of people. That’s understandable, but this time the Cup runneth over!
Is Tsahal going to invade Gaza Strip? You have to wait until the very end of the TV news before you hear anything about it. Sixty-two democratically elected members of parliament belonging to the Hamas party were taken hostage and there has been virtually nothing about it in the press. Massacres are still going on in Iraq and Chechnya; the situation with FARC in Colombia is getting tense, and George Bush has been attacking the New York Times. Earthquake victims in Kashmir still have nothing.
But we couldn’t give a damn! We want to know what Zidane is eating, what Figo is thinking, if Beckham is OK, if Ronaldo has slept well. What’s happened to the idea of priority issues in the news? We can really start worrying now !
News is suffering, and the pain started in the foot! Red card!
We promise we won’t be talking about the World Cup in Perpignan!

Jean-François Leroy
July 4th, 2006


Samuel Aranda – Crossing Hell
Argentine – En negro y blanco
Contact Press Images – Contact 30 : the art of photojournalism
Eric Baudelaire – The dreadful details
Philip Blenkinsop – Népal. 2001-2006. During the reign of King Gyanendra
Marie-Laure de Decker – Living & seeing
Peter Dejong – Best Of
Rena Effendi – Azerbaijan, in search of identity
Elliot Erwitt – Personal Best
Grand Prix CARE 2006 : Hazel Thompson – Kids behind bars – Inside Filipino jails
Jan Grarup – Kashmir – Thunder from below
Stanley Greene – Beyond the wire « Voyage to the country of hate »
Claudia Guadarrama – Borderline
Benoît Gysembergh – Bush doctors
Todd Heisler – Final Salute
James Hill – Somewhere between war and peace
Henri Huet – Retrospective
Lynn Johnson – Zambia conservation – balancing act
Katrina – Katrina an unnatural disaster
Diego Levy – Sangre
Gerd Ludwig – The long Shadow of Chernobyl
Jean-Luc Manaud – Tales of the Sahara
Hiromi Nagakura – Massoud, the undefeated soul
Reuters – Covering the Quake
Bruno Stevens – Drought in the Horn of Africa
Tomas van Houtryve – The fall of a God King
Alvaro Ybarra Zavala – The children of sorrow
International Daily Press
World Press Photo

Visa d’or
Visa d’or News Award: Shaul Schwartz
Visa d’or Feature Award: Todd Heisler
Visa d’or Daily Press Award: El Periodico de Catalunya (Espagne)

Canon Female Photojournalist Award: Véronique de Viguerie
City of Perpignan Young Reporter Award: Tomas van Houtryve
CARE International Award for Humanitarian Reportage: Hazel Thompson



Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan
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