15th Photo Festival La Gacilly

02.06.18 → 30.09.18

In 2018, it is the Earth that we are talking about through the eyes of photographers. A look amazed, committed, and at the same time, on the solutions that exist today.

Hymn to the Earth
Thomas Pesquet – Earth(s)
Spike Walker – Larger than life
Philippe Bourseiller – Ice
Jean Gaumy – After nature
Olaf Otto Becker – Reading the landscape
Matthieu Ricard – Half a century in the Himalayas
William Albert Allard – A voyage to the roots of America
The poetry of nature
Shanna & Robert Parkeharrison – An unreal world
Karen Knorr – New fables
Jan C. Schlegel – Of monster & dragons
Michael Nichols – Wild
Emil Gataullin – Russia sweet and slow
The land of men
Claudia Andujar – Amazonian lament
Miquel Dewever-Plana – From one bank to the next
Brent Stirton – The renaissance of the Ethiopian forest
Fausto Podavini – The end of a world
Emanuele Scorcelletti – The spirit of the tree
Fréderic Delangle – Indian winter
Phil Moore – Guardians of the land
Edouard Elias – Habitats and inhabitants
Catalina Martin-Chico – Being 15 in La Gacilly
An exploited planet
Stéphane Couturier – « Climat de France »
Patrick Tourneboeuf – Next City
Chris Jordan – Intolerable beauty
Matjaz Krivic – Lithium road

 Fisheye Competition
Joséphine Brueder
Andrea Olga Mantovani
Laëtitia Vançon

Photo credits

© Claudia Andujar
© Emil Gataullin / Édition Lammerhuber
© Matjaz Krivic
© Brent Stirton / Verbatim pour Le Figaro


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