13th Photo Festival La Gacilly

04.06.16 → 30.09.16

Japan? The oceans? Two themes that come together to answer many questions and concerns about the world we will leave to our children and future generations.
It is also the year when the Festival Photo La Gacilly commits itself to the new generation by launching a competition dedicated to emerging photography with Fisheye magazine.

Japanese photography Japan and its traditions
Guimet Museum of Asian Art, photographic collections – The Last Samurai, First Photographs and The Tea Road
University of Tokyo Museum and University of Lyon– The Japan of yesteryear, in the fixed view of Westerners
Motoki – Sumos
Takeyoshi Tanuma – Metamorphosis of an Empire
Hiromi Tsuchida – By counting the grains of sand…
Yukio Ohyama – Mount Fuji
Kazuma Obara – Reset – Beyond Fukushima
Takashi Arai – A daguerreotype of Fukushima
Miho Kajioka – And where did the peacocks go?
Kiro – Shard
Eriko Koga – Issan
Lucille Reyboz – Hot springs
Yoshinori Mizutani – Tokyo Parrots
Sohei Nishino – Villes – Diorama Cities
Shoji Ueda – A poetic vision
The oceans, a planetary challenge
Paul Nicklen – Under the ice, species are dying
Daniel Beltrá – Pollution and oil slicks
Pierre Gleizes – A plea to stop overfishing
Daesung Lee – On the shores of an island awaiting its fate
Shiho Fukada – Supertankers: the slave labourers of Bangladesh
Olivier Jobard – By sea into exile
Guillaume Herbaut – Morbihan, islands in winter
Anita Conti – The lady of the sea
Benjamin Deroche 1 Jean-François Spricigo – The base of thing

Photo credits

© Musée Guimet
© Kiiro
© Yoshinori Mizutani
© Shoji Ueda


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