The World’s Smallest Circus (Center for Circus Arts and Emerging Cultures), also known as “PPCM “2, is an independent cultural venue of nearly 2,000 m2 with multiple uses and four performance halls. It is the headquarters of an association under the law of 1901 committed to cultural democracy and popular education. It promotes the democratization of access to artistic practices and education. It raises awareness, initiates and trains those who wish to do so in the arts and techniques of circus and emerging cultures (hip-hop, parkour, freestyle, slackline, BMX, etc.). It is an “Artistic Factory” and a “cultural research laboratory”. The World’s Smallest Circus has all the ingredients to be qualified as a Fab Lab. Without being declared as a place of co-working, the practices of a large number of people not employed by the PPCM, who come to work or meet on the site, resemble this practice.