Fabrice Hyber, born in Vendée in 1961.

The activity and artistic thought of Fabrice Hyber, who defines himself as a quantum artist, are constantly crossed by the notions of mutation and transformation. Trained as a scientist before entering the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, the artist conceives his work in the form of a gigantic rhizome that develops on a principle of echoes. Invariably starting from the practice of drawing and painting, he invests all modes of expression and constantly diffuses his work from one medium to another: “It doesn’t matter the materiality of the work, only its capacity to trigger behaviors”. Fabrice hyber

Like his work, Fabrice Hyber’s actuality is like a limitless game of chase. From allusions to references, from discoveries to inventions, dreams and knowledge are combined and deployed. A form of humanism, turned towards the future, takes shape between the real and the imaginary. But there is nothing utopian or abstract about this mental journey. Thus, in Paris, as in other parts of the world, the works of Fabrice Hyber respond to each other, question each other and dialogue with each other, forming a tangible tree, whose ramifications are continued in his latest works.

Photo : Fabrice Hyber © Carole Bellaiche