11.06.21 → 19.09.21

An edition dedicated to French photographic creation.
“At a time when culture is being undermined by the health situation, we have decided to completely revise the programme of this 9th edition and to dedicate its entirety to a dozen authors and artists from France. It seemed ESSENTIAL to us to present a selection, necessarily subjective, of authors of French photographic creation and to support, through this visibility, a seriously weakened sector. (…)
We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to discover the city a little more thanks to a new exhibition space – the Hall des Sources – which enriches this photographic journey in a wonderful way. This is a particularly pleasing prospect on the eve of the tenth anniversary of Portrait(s)… ”

Fany Dupêchez,
Artistic Director


On the esplanade of the Lac d’Allier : an open-air exhibition by the photographer Carole Bellaïche, who looks back on the photographic friendship she has had with Isabelle Huppert for twenty-five years.

In the exhibition galleries of the Vichy Cultural Centre:
Ralf Marsault : « Alter Ego »
Mouna Saboni : « Ceux que nos yeux cherchent et ceux avant eux encore »
Patrick Bard : « Mon neveu Jeanne »
Corinne Mariaud :
« Fake i Real Me »
Antoine d’Agata :
« Virus »
Yohanne Lamoulère :
« Faux Bourgs »

In Hall des sources – Parc des sources
Mazaccio & Drowilal : « Identikit »
Des mots pour voir with Fondation d’entreprise Neuflize OBC for a selection of works by Dolorès Marat.

In the open air, Place Saint-Louis and at the station
The photographic residence entrusted to Frédéric Stucin: “Endorphine”

Source of the Hospital: “Portrait(s) invites itself to school”, educational project

Programme produced by
Fany Dupêchez, artistic director
Karim Boulhaya, Deputy Director of Vichy Culture and co-curator
Pascal Michaut, project manager

Photo credits

© Patrick Bard / Signatures

© Mouna Saboni. Courtesy Galerie 127, Montreuil

© Yohanne Lamoulère / Tendance Floue

© Ralf Marsault / Heino Muller





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