Photomed – 7th edition

Sanary-sur-Mer, Toulon, Marseille ·

17.05.17 → 14.08.17

Photomed Var
Faithful to the direction given to the festival by Jean-Luc Monterosso, first artistic director and director of the MEP, Photomed is a festival of discoveries or rediscoveries.
This year, the photographers invite us to travel and through their poetic or documentary stories, encourage the spectators to question the great questions that animate our time, especially our relationship to the other and to what surrounds us.

Artistic Director: Philippe Sérénon

Hélène David – Noces ou les confins sauvages
Michaël Duperrin – Out of the Blue
Flore – A French Woman in the East
Gérard Rondeau – Between silence and shadow
Hans Silvester – The Bread of Women
Sophie Zénon – Sicily, below the Volcano
Bernard Plossu – The Motionless Hour, Mediterranean Metaphysics
Zineb Sedira – My Mother’s House

Photomed Marseille
Looking at and thinking about cities
From the 19th century until today, photography has never ceased to have an affinity with the city. The latter is a classic subject. The reason for this is undoubtedly that the invention of photography is concomitant with the development of urbanization. It has at least witnessed all its phases of development: from the city still mixed with countryside, friendly and picturesque, where people fraternize, as photographed by Robert Doisneau or Willy Ronis, to the contemporary world-city, incredibly contrasted, juxtaposing magnificent and expensive architectural achievements and endless suburbs without charm.

Artistic director : Guillaume de Sardes

Giasco Bertoli – Tennis Courts
Antoine D’Agata – Atlas
Franck Déglise – On the road to Algiers
Sirine Fattouh – Images of divestment
Bernard Faucon – Projections of the videos “Mes Routes I, II, III
Hicham Gardaf – Tangier
Maude Grübel – Test Garden
Alain Gualina – Dopo Eboli
Hervé Guibert – The city as fiction
Yves Jeanmougin – Algiers
Joe Kesrouani – Beirut
Sebla Selin Ok – Experiencing the city
Anne-Françoise Pélissier – Beirut or the silence of the gods
Mickael Soyez – Marseille over the days

Photo credits

© Alain Gualina
© Hicham Gardaf
© Gérard Rondeau
In Front: © Hélène David


Photomed Var
Île de Bendor
Toulon, Hôtel des Arts, Le Liberté

Photomed Marseille
Friche la Belle de Mai
Villa Méditerranée
Frac Paca

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