Photomed – 6th edition

Sanary-sur-Mer, Toulon, Marseille ·

29.05.16 → 19.06.16

The 2016 edition of the festival offers, under the aegis of the new curator of exhibitions, Guillaume de Sardes, a varied program around the themes of cinema, ancient remains and Beirut, in Sanary, the House of Heritage in La Cadière, the Hotel des Arts in Toulon and Les Embiez. Once again, the diversity of the authors’ views will offer the public moments of wonder but also of reflection.

Curator of the exhibitions: Guillaume de Sardes

Christine Alaoui – Blended
George Awde – Paths Within Edges
Olli Bery – The Toll
Ivana Boris – Original Rituals
Éric Bourret – Archaeological landscapes
Richard Dumas – Mediterranean Suite
Alain Fleischer – Cinecittà
Ferran Freixa – As Time Goes By
Wassim Ghozlani – Postcards from Tunisia
Nick Hannes – The Continuity of Man
Dolorès Marat – Palmyra
Marc Riboud – Travelling with you
Giulio Rimondi – Beirut by night
Hans Silvester – Petanque
Sergio Strizzi – On Antonioni’s shoots
Lara Tabet – Reeds
Bilal Tarabey – Al Aawda (The Return)
Ambroise Tézenas – Medina, portals to the past
Paolo Ventura – Short Stories
Stephan Zaubitzer – Cinés-Monde

Photo credits

© Alain Fleisher
© Ambrois Tézenas
© Dolores Marat
© George Awde
In Front: © Marc Riboud



Hôtel des Arts, Toulon
Sud Sainte Baume – Maison du Patrimoine, La Cadrière
Île des Embiez

Free Admission


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Caroline Comte
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