The Zooms 2012


ZOOMS was created to support and highlight the profession of photographer and to raise awareness of the difficulty of practicing it.
The ZOOMS wish to serve the cause of photography, and more specifically its practice, of which the exhibition is a key moment for photography enthusiasts.
They honor two professional photographers, one elected by the Photo Press, the other by the public vote on the website

The ZOOM of the photo press
10 editors-in-chief or editorial directors each designate an “emerging” professional photographer (French or living in France), still little known or not sufficiently recognized, that his or her sponsor will want to reveal to the general public.

The ZOOM of the public
The public vote is done on the website (, the nominees are presented there, with 5 photos each, their biography and the praise of their respective sponsors.

Zoom of the photo press: Sébastien Hameline sponsored by Connaissance des Arts
Zoom of the public : Kyriakos Kazuras sponsored by Déclic Photo

Photo credits

© Sébastien Hameline
© Kyriakos Kazuras
In Front: © Kyriakos Kazuras


Le Salon de la Photo
Paris Expo
Porte de Versailles


Sylvie Grumbach
Caroline Comte
+33 1 42 33 93 18


Press Kit (pdf)
Press Release The Winners 2012 (pdf)