Water and Dreams

Jumièges ·

27.04.13 → 31.10.13

The exhibition L’Eau et les Rêves (Water and Dreams) offers an incursion into the photographic universe of great contemporaries with, as a highlight, a few video works.

With water – the signature of Impressionism – as a guiding thread, L’Eau et les Rêves revives the themes dear to the Impressionists: light, passage, fluid, reflection, matter, intimacy… so many points of convergence, sometimes of resurgence, in any case completely rewritten by artists of modernity who claim and assume the heritage of their elders.
L’Eau et les Rêves presents forty-three photographic works by contemporary artists and five video works. In total, twenty-three great artists are associated with the rebirth of the Abbey Lodge of Jumièges, mirrored with astonishing lapidaries, witnesses of the history of the place.


Christophe Campello, Bernard Descamps, Bernard Faucon, Alain Fleischer, Gilbert Garcin, Ali Kazma, Nicola Lo Calzo, Barbara Luisi, Didier Massard, Joel Meyerowitz, Sarah N, Bernard Plossu, Marie-Paule Nègre, Philippe Ramette, Gérard Rondeau, Georges Rousse, Paul Thorel, and Patrick Tosani.

Noa Gur, Ange Leccia, Martine Mougin, Beatrice Pediconi, Chris Quanta

Scenography : Hervé Couraye du Parc








Abbaye de Jumièges
Rue Guillaume le Conquérant
76480 Jumièges



Caroline Comte
+33 1 42 33 93 18


Dossier de presse (pdf, in French only)