Villa Noailles Centenary – Hyères

30.03.23 → 31.12.23

A century of History(s).

A century ago, Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles received as a wedding gift a vast plot nestled on the heights of the city of Hyères. One hundred years ago, Viscount Charles de Noailles commissioned the young architect Robert Mallet-Stevens to design «an interesting little house to live in».
The year 2023 will mark the centenary of Villa Noailles, but also the 50th anniversary of the sale of the property to the municipality of Hyères and the 20th anniversary of the creation of the center of contemporary art, since labeled of national interest.
The history of the villa Noailles, which its owners called Clos Saint-Bernard, is written in a period of abundant discoveries and great upheavals.
An important program inaugurated on March 30, 2023 will pay tribute to the historical heritage of Villa Noailles and its illustrious owners. The opportunity to discover and rediscover an exceptional and unclassifiable resort, in which Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles received friends, artists and intellectuals of all stripes and in which an extraordinary part of the cultural history of the 20th century was written.


Éléa Legangneux,
scientific commission and research


villa Noailles
centre d’art d’intérêt national
métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée
Montée Noailles
83400 Hyères

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