Krijn de Koning

Paris ·

10.01.15 → 04.04.15

The artist Krijn de Koning installs his latest creation De Koning: Espace – Couleurs, under the Aubervilliers hall. A mysterious and protean architectural exhibition, the work of Krijn de Koning wants to marry the building while pushing it away, giving it another function than that of a simple porter. Through a construction that sometimes adopts pure colors, sometimes a destabilizing darkness, sometimes an empty space, sometimes a full space, the artist questions the public by confronting it with paradoxical forms.
The visitor becomes an actor of the work, gets lost in this astonishing labyrinth where the notion of space is blurred to give way to a colorful architectural rambling. Interactive, Krijn de Koning’s work challenges the public and invites them to participate in a contemplative reflection on the place of architecture in our vision of space.
What Krijn tries to highlight is the disappearance of the century-old walls of the building behind this ephemeral construction. The walls of Krijn de Koning emancipate themselves from the main structure to create their own delimitation of the place and lose the spectator in a game of abstract questioning: “what was there before? What was built after? »

25 colors
15 rooms grouped in 4 spaces
3 meters high outdoors
4.20 meters high indoors
3 materials: plaster, wood and metal rails
150 meters of walls mounted

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Exhibition “De Koning : Espace-Couleurs” at the CENTQUATRE-Paris @ Marc Domage


Le CentQuatre-Paris
5 rue Curial
75019 Paris


Sylvie Grumbach
Martial Hobeniche
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