“Impressionism” by Jonathan Bertin

Rouen ·

15.06.24 → 14.07.24

Four Eyes editions is pleased to present Impressionism, second book by photographer Jonathan Bertin.
The book will be presented for the first time during an evening screening in Paris on May 28, 2024 and in Normandy during an exhibition at the Abbatiale Saint-Ouen in Rouen from June 15 to July 14, 2024.
This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Jonathan Bertin and the Normandy Region, on the occasion of the 150 years of the impressionist current (1874-2024).

Born in 1996 in Normandy, Jonathan Bertin has lived and worked in Paris since 2023. Color photographer using digital as film, he revealed himself as an artist of the ultra-banal. 
“Exactly 150 years ago, the birth of photography revolutionized the ways in which the world was represented. The painters of the time reinvented themselves and gave birth to Impressionism. I wanted to pay tribute to this movement and, like these painters, chose to let my imagination and my emotions speak.
My process: to give back to photography its movement, to take it away from the shackles of the frozen moment, to bring it the fluidity of painting to give life to personal moments.”


Abbatiale Saint-Ouen de Rouen
Place du Général de Gaulle
76000 Rouen

Book: June 2024
Cost: 80€ (96 p.)



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