Imagine: Reflections on Peace


Imagine: Reflections on Peace features more than 150 images from photographers who have dedicated their lives to covering conflicts. They tell the story of war or document how peace was established, either from their archives or made especially for the book. Don McCullin gives a glimpse of a Beirut torn apart by civil war, and Nichole Sobecki takes us on a journey through the streets of today’s Lebanese capital, which, despite the stigma of con it and the risks of a revival, is trying to be reborn. Ron Haviv followed the war in Bosnia and returned to follow in the footsteps of that fratricidal con it, only to report a generation later on how little has changed there. Roland Neveu saw the Khmer Rouge enter Phnom Penh in 1975. Forty-five years later, Gary Knight went to photograph the Cambodians still mired in the consequences of the war. In Mosul and Raqqa, Nicole Tung testifies to an incipient peace. Gilles Peress and Stephen Ferry‘s reports shed light on peace in Northern Ireland, two decades after the signing of the Good Friday Peace Treaty, and in Colombia, where the peace signed in 2018 is struggling to be implemented.

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