Henrike Stahl, Urban Exhibition – Grand Parc de Bordeaux

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03.06.24 → 22.09.24

Second guest artist of the INSTANTS residency – carte blanche by which CHATEAU PALMER and LEICA affirm their support for contemporary photography creation – At Château Palmer, photographer Henrike Stahl captured the winemaker’s work over the months with a complicit sensitivity. During the spring works, she notably followed the young seasonal vines from the Grand Parc district in Bordeaux, observing the gestures transmitted and the links that are woven.

More than in a museum or an art gallery, the photographer chose to exhibit the images from this residence in the heart of the Grand Parc, in an outdoor scenography built with the young people of the neighborhood: giant tarpaulins on the facades of buildings, flags floating in the wind at the top of the street lights, colors temporarily returned to homes in bare concrete.

A life-size exhibition that brings together two seemingly distant worlds and shakes up preconceived ideas about the professions of the vineyard and the young people of the neighborhoods.

It was important that this exhibition could be held in their home, without barriers, in an open, inclusive place, which was not intimidating. At the same time, it had to be established in a very delicate way, so as not to «display» or «expose», but simply to highlight these young people.
Henrike Stahl


Quartier du Grand Parc
33300 Bordeaux




Martial Hobeniche
Marie-René de La Guillonnière
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