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Drago Collection 

Maurizio Galante’s Drago haute couture collection celebrates one of the couturier’s most iconic designs, with a dragon inspired theme that conveys poesy and strength, which was initially introduced in 1992. Striving to establish a delicate balance between opposites, voluminous shapes are reminiscent of dragons, with outrageous pointed scales, while the garments, constructed from feather-light silk fabrics, are surprisingly supple and weightless. As they float and flutter around the body, enforcing and strengthening the wearer’s presence, the Drago garments frame and protect.
Whether he designs a couture dress, lamp, furniture, or vase, Maurizio Galante’s approach demonstrates a subtle balance between the pragmatic and the irrational. His crossover vision transverses the disciplines of fashion, architecture, industrial and interior design, as he moves freely between them, reaching new conclusions influenced by his experience in each field.
The exhibition showcases fashion creations together with one-of-a-kind furniture and limited edition handmade vases, all of which are manufactured at our atelier.
Maurizio Galante’s haute couture grants a woman with an extraordinary experience. His creations are sometimes perceived as entities with life of their own, evoking thoughts of organic life forms or fantastic creatures. The designer sees his garments as companions, to accompany a woman with their friendly presence, as if they were talismans, charged with anima and aura. “… Like flexible, fluid architecture, I see garments as living spaces that define the space around the body, shelter the wearer and frame her, emphasising her gestures”.

Drago collection is presented at the OFF Paris Seine Hotel, the first floating hotel on the Seine river, the interiors of the public areas and the suites were designed by Maurizio Galante and his associate Tal Lancman.


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