Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Haute Couture Collection

Paris ·


Maurizio Galante is passionate about travelers. Perugia, Magellan or Cook: all of them have dreamed of something else, have gone towards the unknown, have faced the mystery… All of them have made a stopover in Morocco. Fascinated by the swarming, colorful crowds on the quays of the ports that inhabit his imagination, the couturier colors the movement. He wraps it with silk gills that become vital sou e between cultures. A rare tissular breath, the fruit of a score played with the craftsmen and women of Rabat that brings together poetic fragments of rituals and know-how with deep roots.
In its heterogeneous universe, the geometry of a woollen coat cut from an upside down Berber carpet, lined with a cycladic, rubs shoulders with a Japanese shibori djellaba strewn with freshly dyed reliefs freed from their learned ligatures. The obi of an ancient kimono dialogues with the silky back of a pink sari of Trivandrum hemmed with orange patterns made with a needle by the embroiderers of Rabat. An openwork border composed of cactus fibers in the manner of the most precious Moroccan caftans, underlines the pure construction of a Japanese weave that has been transformed into a universal garment. To this confluence of fabrics, millenary techniques and virtuoso finishes, is added the abundant heap of disparate pieces on the same body. The poet-couture maker reveals the wanderings of a contemporary woman who takes after both the Berber princess and the Hindu divinity, met at the bend in a Kyoto garden…

The Arab World Institute exhibits until September 30, 2018, the 18 models created by Maurizio Galante for the Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 collection, presented on July 2 at the IMA Museum during Fashion Week.



Maurizio Galante




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