Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture Collection

Paris ·


“Herbarium  Magnifica”
Maurizio Galante’s 2012 collection represents a personal vision of Haute Couture.
In this collection, the couturier’s perception of garments as objects is infused into a vegetal universe.
Generous, rounded volumes for the silhouette’s upper part come in contrast to tight fitting forms resulting in a dynamic, poetic, sensual allure.
When Maurizio Galante’s haute couture creations enter into play with the body, they are animated with movement, like flexible fluid archi-texture.
We see garments as living spaces that define the space around the body, shelter the wearer and frame her, emphasizing her gestures.
Fluid and supple organza “corolle” alternate with a silk stem-like top. A chlorophyl green silk cape is formed as a flower bud. Square leafs in metallic gray organza wave along with the body’s motion. Mousse pistils ornate the body. Layers of organza petals floating and framing the wearer’s face. Silky fabric leafs for short bolero jackets. Wool stole conceived of spiral cordons. Black taffeta cape composed of knotted wide ribbons reminding of a convoluted beautiful root.
The collection comes together as an imaginary flower bouquet, full of surprises, colors and fragrances. A magnificent Herbarium assembles rare and fantastic flowers.

Colors : chlorophyll, leaf, raspberry, root, Nile green, pink peony, wisteria, white, gold dust, black myrtle…


Maurizio Galante




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