Spring/Summer 2011 Couture Collection

Paris ·


Lily-white doves vanish in the skies towards radiant horizons in a flood of magical euphoria.
Rebel Amazons dressed in ethereal laces whirl around in a never-ending dream.
Their secret wish is to recover the fairy tree of comets that will bring them closer to the sun.
In this kingdom of dreams life is soft and sweet as a caress.
The beauties have a weird companion: a fire-and-light bird that flies with them ever higher and higher towards a sky of all-possible.
They hope embrace the horizons and roll themselves in heaven sapphires.
Only tenderness and love are our Muses in this exalted dream.
Celestial veils envelop their shoulders, necklaces of moons illuminate their faces with the brightness of an unseen lust.
Their delicious lips of priestesses pronounce spells that turn them into night queens.
They dance upon the blade of pleasure and enter a bewitching mysterious dream. Riding upon Pegasus they make possible the eternal wish of humans: fly ever higher and reach the constellation of heaven.
Our senses now are all turned upside down.
The bodies of the fairy queens are covered with a thousand sets of jewels that shine with a fiery glow.
They are light as the air but knock down all the barricades. Fearless, they take up impossible challenges to ensure they bite stronger and deeper in the hearts that will surrender to their charms.
Falling stars, eternal stars, the wild beauties dive into silk translucent clouds. They give themselves away to love until exhaustion. When dawn approaches who wish may gather the shadows of their past delights as pearls of a late-night dew.
And then, as Phoenix, they rise from the ashes and come back to life ever and ever again…


on aura tout vu
23 Rue de Montpensier
Palais Royal
75001 Paris



Sylvie Grumbach
Marie-Laure Girardon
+33 1 42 33 93 18


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