9th Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

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30.08.97 → 14.09.97

For this 9th edition, Visa pour l’Image will offer current topics, retrospectives, but also a look at children, such as : The Children of Horror by Stan Grossfled, The Children of Madagascar by Rip Hopkins, The Children of Black Ghettos by Andre Lambertson and finally, My Sister Morgane by Héloise Blier. Palestine, Algeria, American prisons, … are on the program of this edition. The emblematic American photographer of the National Geographic magazine, Steve McCurry, proposes his work on India. It is also another master of color who signed the 1997 poster, Pascal Maitre, with Commander Massoud in Afghanistan.
The evenings of screenings will offer a year of news and reports from various horizons.

Arnaud Baumann – Portraits
Christian Bellavia – Fundamentalist Catholics in France
Zora Bensemra – Algeria
Nina Berman – Crazy Americans
Alain Bizos – Retrospective
Héloise Blier – My sister Morgane
Patrice Bouvier – La Fête Foraine
Care International
Ludovic Careme – Les Ulis Mix
David Doubilet – The Blue World
Andreas Feininger – Retrospective
Stan Grossfeld – Children of Horror
Rip Hopkins – Les Enfants de Madagascar
Pavel Kassin – Chechnya
André Lambertson – Children of the black ghettos
John Launois – Retrospective
Andrew Lichtenstein – American Prisons
Neil Leifer – Retrospective
Norman Mauskopf – Mississippi Blues
Pascal Maitre – Afghanistan
Nigel Parry – Portraits
Judah Passow – Palestine
Steve McCurry – India Retrospective
Shinjuku Street Project
Anup Shah – East Indian Tigers
Allan Tannenbaum – Soho Blues
Medford Taylor – Dingo Fence
Valery Tchekoldine – Return from Chechnya – Paris Match Russian Prize
International Daily Press
World Press Photo

Gold Visa News Award: Yunghi Kim
Visa d’or Feature Award: Jillian Edelstein
Visa d’or Daily Press Award: Clarin (Argentina)

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Bandeau : Affiche de Visa pour l’Image 1997
Photo en Une : © Pascal Maitre / Cosmos


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