5th Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

· Perpignan

04.09.93 → 19.09.93

The 1993 Visa pour l’Image program offers 37 exhibitions. Édouard Boubat presents his unpublished works, Marie Dorigny proposes his report on working children, Paolo Pellegrin shows the homeless in Italy, Eli Reed, for his part, is interested in Blacks in the USA and Stephen Shames on violence in Miami. Stanley Greene will exhibit his work on Sudan (first ever exhibition in Europe). As for Bill Epridge’s exhibition on Bob Kennedy, it is American history that is invited to Perpignan.
Screenings are open to all and free of charge, like all exhibitions!

José Azel – The Dogon people in Mali
Edouard Boubat – Unpublished works by Pierre Gassmann
Pierre Boulat – Viva Visa
Eric Bouvet – Cities at war
Hans-Jurgen Burkard – Russian Mafia
Benoit Decout – Industrial Europe
Luc Delahaye – Portraits of Soldiers
Marie Dorigny – Children at work
Bill Eppridge – Bob Kennedy
Alain Ernoult – 10 years in the agency
Patricio Estay – Riders
Zoran Filipovic – Sarajevo
Yves Gellié – Cambodia
Christine de Grancy – The Saharaouis, nomadic people of Western Sahara
Stanley Greene – Sudan
Rula Halawani – Gaza
Robert Van der Hilst – Shanghai
Xavier Lambourg – Cannes
Lois Lammerhuber – Pope John Paul II
Gidéon Mendel – Zimbabwe
Peter Menzel – High tech
Dario Mitidieri – Children of Bombay
Viviane Moos – Daughters of Recife
Paolo Pellegrin – Barboni: the Homeless in Italy
John Phillips – Retrospective
Louis Psihoyos – Dinosaurs
Eli Reed – The Black in the USA
Stephen Shames – Violence in Miami
Shepard Sherbell – Russia
Raghubir Singh – India
Theodore Vogel – Wrestlers Mexico
Albert Watson – Prisoners
Gamma Agency – 25 years old
Regional and international daily press
Sygma Agency – Glances of stars

Visa d’or News : Luc Delahaye
Visa d’or Magazine: Dario Mitidieri
Golden visa of the daily press: Diario 16 (Spain)

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Bandeau : Affiche de Visa pour l’Image 1993
Photo en Une : © Édouard Boubat


Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan
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