4th Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

05.09.92 → 20.09.92

The fourth edition of the International Festival of Photojournalism, Visa pour l’Image, programs this year 31 exhibitions. You will be able to discover The Years of Life by Pierre Boulat, a great French photographer, but also Latin America by Christian Poveda, Africa by Chris Steele Perkins, India by Xavier Zimbardo, the 25 years of Rolling Stone, the 30 years of Manuel Litran’s reportage for Paris Match
Not forgetting the six evenings of screenings at the Palace of the Kings of Majorca.

Hélène Bamberger – Stars
Ernesto Bazan – Walks
Yves-Guy Berges – Retrospective
Pierre Boulat – My Life Years
Philippe Bourseiller – Sulphur collectors in Indonesia
Victor Casasola – Mexico
Luc Choquer – Girls in Russia
Alexis Cordesse – Somalia
Thomas Ernsting & Hans Madej – Albania
Cristina Garcia Rodero – Spain
Hervé Gloaguen – Blood trafficking
Manuel Litran – 30 years of reporting at Match
Ettore Malanca – Pilgrimage to Peru
Fred Mayer – The Siberian Eskimos
Sam Mohdad – Generation Lebanon
Christian Poveda – Latin America
Bettina Rheims – Blind
Steve Rubin – The excluded from the American way of life
George Silk – Retrospective
Chris Steele Perkins – Africa
Alfred Yaghobzadeh – Ten years of scoops!
Xavier Zimbardo – India
The archives of the K.G.B. – Memorial
Nosek Collection – Facts
Regional and international daily press
25 years of Rolling Stone
Agence Network – Humor in GB
World Press Photo
Relief cinema
Agence Gamma – Deforestation

Visa d’or News Award: Chris Morris
Visa d’or Feature Award: David Turnley
Visa d’or Daily Press Award: Midi Libre (France)

Photo credits

Bandeau : Affiche de Visa pour l’Image 1992
Photo en Une : © Pierre BOULAT – Mes Années Life


Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan
Couvent des Minimes
Rue Rabelais
66000 Perpignan


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