26th Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

30.08.14 → 14.09.14

Anyone who comes to Perpignan to discover the Visa pour l’Image festival comes out of it troubled. And perhaps even more than usual for this 26th edition, placed under the sign of urgency. Urgency to show a planet with fire and blood, but also urgency to call for help to save photojournalism.
Perpignan is the international meeting place for photojournalism. In this sense, this festival is both a compendium of current events, but also of humanity and the commitment of photojournalists.
This year, 26 exhibitions will occupy the city until September 14th. The school week will follow, until September 19, 2014.


Chu Chi Thành, Hua Kiem, Maï Nam and Doan Công Tinh – The photographers in the North
Philippe Lopez, Noel Celis, Teodoro Aljibe, Nicolas Asfouri and Odd Andersen – Typhoon in the Philippines – L’AFP, leading in the wake of Haiyan
AFP – Football as seen through the eye of children in Cidade de Deus favela
Amateurs make the front page
Bruno Amsellem – Rohingyas, a silenced minority
Mary F. Calvert – The battle within: sexual assault in America’s military
William Daniels – Train for the forgotten
William Daniels – Humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic
Maxim Dondyuk – Euromaïdan: a culture of confrontation
Guillaume Herbaut – Ukraine from independence square to the Dombass
Chris Hondros – Testament
Yunghi Kim – Africa, the long road to home from famine to reconciliation, 1992-1996
Olivier Laban-Mattei – Mongolia, there is no El Dorado
Sebastián Liste – On the inside of a Venezuelan prison controlled by inmates
Anja Niedringhaus – A tribute
Klaus Nigge – The bald eagle in the Aleutian Islands
The Ian Parry scholarship
Anne Rearick – South Africa. Chronicles of a township
Jorge Silva – The skyscraper slum
Sean Sutton – The eye of the storm
Pierre Terdjman – Central African Republic : “They make us nervous”
Gaël Turine – India and Bangladesh. The wall and fear
Alvaro Ybarra Zavala – Stories of a wounded land
Michaël Zumstein – Terror and tears in the Central African Republic
International Daily Press
World Press Photo


Visa d’or
Visa d’or News Award: Tyler Hicks
Visa d’or Feature Award: Guillaume Herbaut
Visa d’or Daily Press Award: Helsingin Sanomat (Finlande)
ICRC Humanitarian Visa d’or Award – International Committee of the Red Cross: William Daniels
Figaro Magazine Lifetime Achievement Visa d’or Award: Eugene Richards
Web Documentary Visa d’or Award, sponsored by FRANCE24 – RFI: Samuel Bollendorff & Olivia Colo

Canon Female Photojournalist Award: Viviane Dalles
Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award: Maxim Dondyuk
Pierre et Alexandra Boulat Award: Kosuke Okahara
Ani-PixPalace Award: Frederik Buyckx


Photo credits

Photo in Front: © Guillaume Herbaut / Institute


Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan
Couvent des Minimes
Rue Rabelais
66000 Perpignan


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