1st Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

· Perpignan

18.09.89 → 24.09.89

From its 1st edition, in 1989, the greatest photographers and press agencies were present in Perpignan.
The Cuban photographer, Alberto Korda, is the guest of honor of the Visa festival in Perpignan, in 1989.
Most of the major press agencies are represented in Perpignan and some, with Korda, of the best specialists in photojournalism. 25 exhibitions are proposed in the city: the events of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the war in Lebanon, perestroika in the Soviet Union or 45 years of Dali’s life: a thousand strong images.

Daniel Angeli – Retrospective
Dominique Aubert – Afghanistan
Alexandra Avakian – Woodfin Camp
Patrick Aventurier – Canadairs
Dimitri Baltermans – Retrospective
Eric Bouvet – Khomeiny Burial
Eric Brissaud – Scotland Yard, English Special Forces
Alberto Cito – Mafia
Deborah Copaken – At close range in the hottest neighborhoods of Boston, Philadelphia and New York City
Karim Daher – Ambassadors in Beirut
Alain Ernoult – At the heart of the action
Patricio Estay – Cuba, 30 years after Fidel Castro’s Revolution
Igor Gavrilov – Armenia
Raphaël Gaillarde – Cuba
Alberto Korda – Cuba
Olivier Martel – Greatly premature babies in Marseille hospital
Georges Mérillon – Mayors of France
James Nachtwey – Deeds of war
Alain Nogues – Retrospective
Sebastiao Salgado – Man at work
Michel Setboun – Immigrants in Marseille
Daniel Simon – Mayors of France
Jacques Torregano – Cuba
David and Peter Turnley – China
Alfred Yaghobzadeh – Gaza
F.P. – the daily news
Agence Cosmos – The imaginary newspaper
Dali by L’Indépendant and Paris Match – In the intimacy of the greats
Rapho Agency
Gamma Agency
Agence Sipa – The prodigious decade
Vandystadt Agency – Retrospective
Agence VU’ – TienAnMen by the Chinese

Photo credits

Photo in Front: © Alberto Korda
Photo: Poster of Visa pour l’Image 1989


Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan
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