12th Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

Perpignan ·

02.09.00 → 17.09.00

The 12th Festival of Photo-Journalism, which opens today in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), will be punctuated during the first week by night screening sessions at the Campo Santo. The program offers, until September 17, about thirty exhibitions to be discovered, free of charge at the Convent of Minims (le gros morceau), the Chapel of St. Dominic, the Gallieni barracks, the Castillet, the Palace of the Corts, or Convent of St. Clare, the Chapel of the Third Order, the Casa Xanxo and the Palace of Congresses. In this copious menu, in addition to the Joël Robine retrospective, the thirty years of American history as seen by David Hume Kennerly, and the war reports by Jérome Delay. Two interesting and different approaches to the religious phenomenon, that of Alfred Yaghobzadeh and that of Mike Abrahams. The retrospective of Jeanine Niepce, in the humanist lineage. Raphaël Gaillarde’s images on new therapies for burn victims. A look back at 100 years of sport, under the banner of l’Equipe. Etc.

Mike Abrahams – Journeying with the believers
Gary Calton – Tuberculosis in the former USSR
Jodi Cobb – Beauty Puzzle
Donna De Cesare – The export of street gangs: from Los Angeles to Latin America
Jérôme Delay – Making the Headlines
Thomas Dworzak – Chechnya
Rob Finch (named Photographer of the year 2000)
Paul Fusco – Robert F. Kennedy’s funeral convoy
Raphaël Gaillard – Those burn victims that we save!
Tim Georgeson – Terminus – Exhibition co-produced by Marie-Claire
Christophe Gin – Nathalie, poverty management
Bruno Hadjih – Sufism – Exhibition co-produced by Geo
David Hume Kennerly – Curious
Gyu-Hyeon Jeong – North Korean refugees in China
Elie Kagan – History of the end of the 20th century
Alain Keler – East wind
100 Years of Sports – The Team
Cyril Le Tourneur d’Ison – On the tracks of the last steam trains
Olivier Martel – Berber Chronicle
Gideon Mendel – HIV and AIDS in Africa: The Tear – Exhibition co-produced by L’Express
Robet McNeely – Elections 2000 in the United States
Ministry of Culture – Mission 2000 in France – Youth in France in the year 2000
Fernando Morelès – Child labor
Janine Niepce – Pictures of a lifetime
Joël Robine – Being a Press Photographer – Exhibition co-produced by de l’air
Henrik Saxgren – A country without fathers
Steve Shapiro – Fahey – Klein Gallery
John Stanmeyer – Indonesia
Alfred Yaghobzadeh – Through Religions
Dave Yoder – Bounty Hunters
International Daily Press
World Press Photo

Visa d’or News Award: Éric Bouvet
Visa d’or Feature Award: Raphaël Gaillarde
Visa d’or Daily Press Award: The Washington Post (USA)

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Banner: Poster of Visa pour l’Image 2000
Photo in Front: © Paul Fusco / Magnum Photos


Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan
Couvent des Minimes
Rue Rabelais
66000 Perpignan


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