12th Photography Festival L’Oeil Urbain

Corbeil-Essonnes · ,

06.04.24 → 11.05.24

The L’Oeil Urbain photography festival is back in Corbeil-Essonnes from 6 April to 11 May 2024. The title of this 12th edition is La Flamme. On the eve of the opening of the 2024 Olympics in France, the festival wanted to reflect on sport as a political and ecological weapon, a means of resistance, resilience, commitment and combat.

Raymond Depardon is the guest of honour, along with Laurence Kourcia, Cyril Zannettacci, Constance Decorde, Bernard Testemale, Amandine Lauriol, Jérémy Lempin, Nathalie Champagne, Charles Thiefaine and Rime Sabbar.

Raymond Depardon – Guest of Honour – Archives from the Mexico to Munich Olympics (final name to be announced).
Cyril Zannettacci – Citius, altius, fortius
Bernard Testemale – Big wave riders of Hawaii
Amandine Lauriol – Azadi (Freedom)
Laurence Kourcia – Breakers
Charles Thiefaine – Sinan and Nebraz
Nathalie Champagne – Ludivine: imposed figures, free figures
Constance Decorde – I feel free!
Jérémy Lempin – France on the Tour’s roads
Rime Sabbar – Red and green


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