11th Photo Festival L’Oeil Urbain

Corbeil-Essonnes ·

31.03.23 → 21.05.23

L’Oeil Urbain festival is back in Corbel Essonnes from March 31 to May 21, 2023 for its 11th edition. Through this theme, the festival invites us to rethink our way of living: living in a territory, a space, living our job, our passions, our body, our age… Living is not simply “four walls and a roof “. Living is a constituent element of our personality and our identity and there are as many ways of living as there are individuals.

Françoise Huguier – Invitée d’honneur – HDB à Singapour
Sébastien Van MalleghemDémunis
Ferhat BoudaLes berbères
Lionel JusseretLes IMPATIENTES
Juliette PavyVivre dans une ZAD
Alexa BrunetLes habitats alternatifs
Hannah Reyes MoralesLiving Lullabies
Jeoffrey GuillemardLes déplacés internes du Sinaloas
Stéphanie BuretUtopie futuriste
Rafael YaghobzadehHabiter la guerre
Ulrich LebeufSpettri di Famiglia
Yassine SellameSkate Boarding

Photo credits

Front © Lionel Jusseret
Banner © Hannah Reyes Morales


Festival Photographique L’OEil Urbain



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