Slow Media / Wide Images
Some photographers spend months or even years documenting their stories. They are sometimes the only ones to travel to remote, dangerous or unknown places. Through their eyes, they open our minds to certain situations. We believe that these “smugglers” deserve more than 6 pages in a magazine with a large circulation. Since they take their time, we give them space!
A narrative magazine to tell the world in pictures
Each quarter, EPIC magazine mainly publishes 4 major photo stories, each 30 pages long, accompanied by a long interview with the authors to explain the behind-the-scenes of their subjects.
EPIC magazine is the opposite of immediate news or frustrating Insta on the small screen. It’s the choice of a slow media and wide images, background subjects that tell us about the trends of our time and feed our general culture and curiosity, without falling into deceptive emotionality.
An independent and advertising-free magazine
EPIC magazine it is finally a beautiful object, which one will have pleasure to keep, to leaf through, to rest, to open again, to browse again…
Beyond the love of the material, the (sensual!) pleasure of turning pages and the smell of ink, we are convinced that it is on paper that one can truly appreciate the work of photographers. We believe that the best of photography deserves the best of paper!